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Exit Ticket

3 List 3 factors that are present in a high quality assessment
1. _Reliability_________________________________
2. _Validity___________________________________
3. _Fairness___________________________________

2 What are the 2 main types of assessments
1. _Formative_________________________________
2. _Summative________________________________

1 What is one question you have about assessment (the process, not the class assignment)?
Are assessments just through homework and tests or can it be through observation as well?
Homework Response Question

Directions: Please read the following prompt & respond in complete, cohesive sentences. You can address the questions posed, but are not limited to those topics. Please type your response following the prompt in a different font color (but not yellow). You will submit this assignment when completed through the Assignments tab.
Homework is a hot topic in education today. Theories on what is appropriate range from hours of rigorous homework every night to none at all. The assessment of homework is even more debatable. What are your thoughts on this issue? What type of homework policy to you plan to use in your classroom? How do you defend/justify this when questioned about your policy?


• What are you thoughts on the issue? Questioning homework can’t be separated from questioning what is being taught during the school day. If students spend 6-8 hours engaging in academic studies, then there is little to no need for homework. The key has to be utilizing classroom time effectively and making sure students are learning during this time. My own personal academic experience, going to a small private school, the classroom time was used effective, using every second they had with students for learning. So homework was not necessarily a must but we were given homework to constantly refresh our minds on the topic being taught that day. If a classroom is not effectively using time, homework may be the only way for a student to grasp the learning concepts. If classroom instructions can be improved then homework may not be necessary, minus hands on projects such as powerpoints, presentations, projects, papers’. • What type of homework policy do you plan to use in your classroom? A homework policy I would follow would be to give students homework occasionally, depending on the topic and the difficulty level. If students are struggling to