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He watched her sleeping, as had been his routine for weeks now.
At first she'd just been Clark's little friend with the cute clothes and sharp, smart attitude, but then, little by little, his fascination with the sassy blonde had grown. She could verbally spar with him on a level that no college graduate could ever dream of, and before he'd realized it the women he was hooking up with at the nightclubs weren't tall, willow brunettes anymore but short, curvy blondes with green eyes.
But none of them were her, and he'd quickly learnt that he couldn't find satisfaction with them. That was why he'd stopped trying to, and he'd begun this dangerous game of his.
The Luthors were known to have many enemies, many of those enemies worked for them, so it shouldn't have been surprising to know that the house given to Gabe Sullivan, manager of the Smallville branch, had cameras, bugs, and other little useful things installed long before their move.
At first Lex would use the cameras to watch Chloe whenever he wasn't working. He'd hole himself in his room, doors locked, curtains closed, and would watch and listen to her as she walked around the house in indecent little Daisy Duke shorts (which, fortunately for her she only wore in her home) and a large, faded jersey.
He'd grown hard watching her laugh, bite on her pen as she wrote, and lick her lips when caught in a mischievous thought. He'd nearly cum in his pants the first time he'd discovered her masturbating late into the night, hands between her thighs, head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open and lips wet as she moaned softly, pleasuring herself to oblivion.
She never knew that he would stroke himself watching her, imagining her hands on him and his within her hot, glistening womanhood. She was pathetically oblivious to the fact that the moment ecstasy took over and she bit down on her bottom lip, spasming around her own fingers, whimpering a name he could never really make out, her father's boss was in his bedroom in the Luthor Manor, cumming fiercely, her name a chant on his lips.
But after a while watching her hadn't been enough.
That was when the truly dark game began, the game they both played every night, the game she knew nothing of.
Being a Luthor meant being prepared.
Many an employee had planned evil against their much hated bosses, so certain little helpful gas lines had been installed in the house so that if found conspiring against their betters, there'd be a way to either incapacitate those inside without any struggle, or do away with them altogether.
Slowly turning on one of the valves, letting the scentless gas fill the house in small quantities starting around dinnertime for a certain amount of time had Gabe and Chloe Sullivan in a deep, trancelike sleep by bedtime in which World War Three could happen outside and they'd know nothing of it.
When Lex was sure that the gas had done its job and those inside were dead to the world, sleeping in their beds, he'd enter the Sullivan Residence with the extra keys he always kept on him.

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The first night he'd been jumpy despite the knowledge that nothing he could do would wake them from their deep sleep. He'd sat by her bed and watched her sleeping, leaving a little before sunrise to avoid detection by the neighbors.
The next night Lex was more relaxed, lying down on the bed next to Chloe, fingers traveling reverently over her skin like he hungered to do during the day. She whimpered under his touch, body trembling, the hair on her arms standing as goose bumps spread throughout her skin.
A dark satisfaction jolted throughout him at the realization that he could affect her so easily, even in her sleep. And with that satisfaction, coupled with the weeks that passed in which he visited with his growing obsession, Lex grew more courageous than he'd been before concocting this plan. He memorized every curve of her body, his hands knowing