Kubler-Ross and Job from the Bible Essay examples

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Everyone at some point in life grieve over the loss of someone or something special in their life. The loved one can be a parent, child, friend, relationship, pregnancy or a pet. There are also times when people grieve over their failing health, loss of job, houses, finances, and even loss of limbs. Such people should not be ignored. At times people tend to deny grieving to avoid pain but it is healthy to accept the loss and go through the grieving process. According to Kubler-Ross, Grieving process follows a natural cycle of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance (Kübler-Ross, 1969). Hoping that with these stages making us better equipped to cope with life and loss. In the Bible, Job a wealthy man experiences …show more content…
Grieving is part of life.
In Hinduism faith, the Hindus go through the grieving stages as per Kubler-Ross but not necessarily in the same order. They do go through denial, anger by questioning their god. Their bargaining stage is demonstrated by offerings to their god and giving up on something that is passionate to them like giving up meat eating, or making a commitment to regularly go to the temple. All this happens only when someone is terminally ill. Depression phase depends on how the individual died his or her life on earth and the cause surrounding the death. Depending on the circumstance surrounding the death acceptance stage is developed. Death is a celebration among the Hindus because they believe in reincarnation. “Death is a part of life, and individuals pass through a series of reincarnations until they are liberated from worldly illusions and passions. Death is a way to come closer to a state of absolute bliss. Funerals should be celebrations, and revolve around sharing, good conduct and meditation” (Caputo, 2012).
Joy and Grieving
Can you experience joy in the midst of your grief? Yes you can. Some grief like death, will take forever to heal, but during that life time there will always be a chance to experience joy. Being joyful does not mean that the pain will be forgotten, but the pain will be minimized. “We do not “get over” a death. We learn to carry the grief and integrate loss into our lives. In time,