Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods is a high end food store in San Diego, California. Kudler has three locations. The stores are in La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Each store has about 8,000 square feet of space, and they are situated in nice shopping centers. You can find the best foods on the shelves sourced both locally, and imported from abroad. At Kudler you can find produce, wine, cheese, dairy, seafood, meat condiments, packaged food, and baked goods. The first store was opened in 1998. Two more stores were opened in 2000, and 2003 (Kudler Virtual Organization, 2006).

Marketing Objectives Kudler has done very well, and wants to continue its growth by expanding its services, improving efficiency, and increasing the consumer purchase cycle. In order to achieve these goals Kudler has a three prong plan.

New Services Kudler will start holding special parties where they show customers how to prepare exciting new meals. Customers will be entered in a raffle for prizes when they attend the party (Kudler Virtual Organization, 2006).

Customer Loyalty Program Kudler is alo introducing a frequent shopping program. This will be a point based system that rewards customers for continuing to shop at the stores. The program also offers exclusive discounts to its members and information about upcoming events. In addition to rewarding customers, it will also allow Kudler to track its customers shopping habits (Kudler Virtual Organization, 2006).

Improved Customer Experience Kudler will improve its customer service by refocusing employee training on the importance of customer service. Kudler is using Nordstrom’s as a benchmark for customer service programs. Kudler has also budgeted for a new customer relationship management system (Kudler Virtual Organization, 2006).

Strategies and Tactics When developing strategies and tactics Kudler needs to always remember its company’s mission statement. Kudler is a gourmet food store. Therefore it is more important to focus on quality of food and customer experience, rather than lower prices. In order to maintain it’s