Kudler Fine Foods, Choosing the Right Medium Essay

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Choosing the Right Medium

Learning Team C


August 2, 2010

University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods has decided to upgrade the cash registers in three stores. The new registers are scheduled for installation in six weeks, and various members of the cashier, management team and computer support specialists will require training on the proper use of the new equipment. Five methods are under review for training implementation; oral presentation, written report, video, e-mail, and website training. This paper will focus on the training mediums available and determine the merit of each medium based on cost, effect, message, audience, purpose, and reach.

Oral Presentation

The initial oral presentation medium used
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E-mail E-mail is fast becoming the communication form of choice in replacement of the office memo, company bulletin board and other non-urgent business communications. The advantages that e-mail offers for internal and external business communication are fast delivery, save time, inexpensive, eliminate telephone tag, and provide a written record (Lesikar, Flatley, Rentz, 2008). These benefits and other conveniences such as document sharing and electronic filing are dependent on both sender and recipients have e-mail accounts. E-mail can be a reliable channel to send training documents however; e-mail cannot deliver the hands-on cash register training. Another drawback is that e-mail lacks immediate feedback to training questions and therefore could impede training progress. The communication norm with the Kudler cashiers is interactive face-to-face encounters with the owner, managers, coworkers, and customers. Although Kathy Kudler communicates by e-mail with managers, there is no indication that the Kudler’ cashiers have company e-mail accounts. E-mail does not adequately address the purpose for the training or fit the normal communication channel for the cashiers.
Kudler’s fine food currently has a website, which