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University of Phoenix
Kudler Foods
Quality Management and Productivity/ Mgmt 449
Walter F. Brown, MBA
February 21, 2008
Week Two

Each and every company seeks a successful venture. Good companies know a plan must be designed and carefully followed; an ordinary plan can work for some depending on the management assessments of needs. Companies who may have a financial vested interest must develop a strategic marketing campaign for growth. In order to have the necessary objectives management desires; especially for expansion. Kudler Foods is the process planning of maintaining a business and doing so, the company has opened good 3 one stop shops for gourmet cooking. Kudler Foods started from the vision of Kathy Kudler, who designed a business around her basic cooking needs. In her effort of constantly searching for ingredients and cooking tools, Kathy decided to bring these items together to form the company Kudler Foods. One of the three objectives of La Jolla is fine fresh foods and ingredients for gourmet cooking. Realizing Kudler Foods immediate market had many locations with the desired ingredients, but constantly going to different locations gave Kathy the objective for Access. The culinary world produces su chefs to one day become chefs, they are trained on using efficient materials and tools. Kathy again developed the second objective of providing the necessary tools and materials for gourmet cooks. This proposal would then target not only chefs, but also enrolled culinary students as well as the inspired cooker. The 3rd objective is the combining of both worlds of foods and culinary tools, which equals Kudler Foods first one stop shop named La Jolla. Kudler Foods found a niche within their immediate region and in 2000 opened the second shop located in Del Mar then 2003 opened another in Encinitas. Kathy Kudler knew her objectives and visional seen a plan come to life all based an initiative of serving the public’s best interest with quality. Having foods, wines, and tools created opportunity for Kudler Foods.
By having a précised plan of objectives in entwined with variety of quality, led Kudler Foods to open 3 stores in a 5 year period. In order to reach this level of business, a certain practice of business science must be acquired.
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