KungFu Panda Movie Review Essay

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English II – 3
26 February 2012
Extra – Movie review
Greatest movie of 2008?
“DreamWorks Animations has truly hit a home run,” says online Author Abecipriano after the release Kung Fu Panda. Directed by the Mark Osborne and John Stevenson, you really couldn’t expect anything less. It had all of the factors of a great movie; the perfect plot, comedy, heart, and all of the other necessary components in a great and successful animation. It is a hilarious movie, but also one that many of us can all relate to. From its main actors and the entertaining plot to its amazing sound effects, Kung Fu Panda rates as one of the best animation films of 2008.
The animated characters and the actors were perfect for this movie. Jack Black plays the highly amusing role of Po, who is the average person in our society that isn’t satisfied with what he is. We can all relate to him because he dreams of being someone important. He’s a funny character and he can laugh at himself sometimes too. But as for Dustin Hoffman, who plays the role of the serious Kung Fu Master Shifu, it is a different story. Although his character is much needed in this movie, it is hard to think of Dustin Hoffman as a calm and serious figure after some hit movies like Tootsie, Hook, Finding Neverland, and Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. The last but not least main character is Ian McShane. He plays the misunderstood Tai Lung who is very angry for not being chosen to become the dragon warrior and is the main antagonist of the movie. This movie’s plot is filled with action, which in my opinion is a quality that makes it a great film. Jack Black plays Po, an indolent panda, who is the laziest animal in the Valley of Peace and a wanna-be kung fu warrior. But when he accidentally becomes the Dragon Warrior, he can’t refuse the offer. He thinks if anyone could change him from being a lazy Panda to becoming the Dragon Warrior it would be Master Shifu, the greatest Kung Fu Master ever. He starts out as a loser who the rest of the warriors think will quit right away and gradually becomes a well-trained warrior through many action sequences and training scenes. Then unexpectedly, Tai Lung, an evil leopard, breaks out of prison and wants revenge on the Valley of Peace. Now Po is the only one who can stop him because he is the Dragon warrior. This intense and dynamic movie packs a punch when it comes to thrills, excitement, and comedy.