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I Think I Know Kurt was always an interesting death that I never quite understood that much. I was always listening to Nirvana when I was a younger. But never actually found the truth behind his death. Weather Kurt did commit suicide or was murdered by his very own wife, Courtney Love. I always heard about the conspiracy stories about Kurt's death but I never knew if they were true or not.

I Know Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist of the group Nirvana. Kurt was born February 27, 1967 in Washington. On April 8, 1994 was a tragic day for many rock fans when they heard about Cobain's death. There weren’t many who were surprised over it; he was a very troubled and confusing man. Cobain struggled a lot throughout his childhood. His parents were getting a divorce when he was young, always either homeless or just going back in forth between relatives. He dropped out of high school when he realized that he wasn't going to have enough credits to graduate. But Cobain was a very smart person, just never applied his natural intellect.

Now conspiracy can go either way. Your going to be way off from the truth where you might sound crazy, like the whole area 51 conspiracy. Or you might be logical and have some sense to believe what actually could happen. There has always been a conspiracy that Kurt never committed suicide. The evidence shows Kurt was murdered. Now the officers and medics would say something differently. The only evidence they've seen, leads them to believe it was suicide. Now before the body was found, Kurt was leaving the rehab center when they found him seven days later. He was dealing with a lot of drug addictions with a long term of depression throughout his life. That has caused his life to spiral out of control. Now one of his best friends spoke with the investigator and said Kurt was happier than ever, never would of thought he was suicidal. Personally the evidence that the investigator hired by Courtney Love shows is good enough to make me believe that it can be homicide. Now the investigation that Tom Grant led, was conducted after the police already declared his death suicide. Evidently there was a note and was written to his wife and kid. The issue with the note is that it wasn't addressed towards them and said nothing about killing himself. That makes us to believe weather someone had a hand in this. So apparently the note was only about Kurt quitting music. For some reason the police investigation ruled this note as a suicide one. Later on Courtney revealed a