Kurt Cobain Informative Speech

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On April 5th 1994, Kurt Cobain took his own life. Michael Calderone wrote “Kurt Cobain’s suicide was our generation’s Kennedy assassination.” http://www.popmatters.com/feature/040404-cobainkurt/


Kurt Cobain was born on February 20, 1967, in Hoquiam, Washington, and grew up in a very small depressed working-class logging town of Aberdeen.

Even as a child Cobain showed natural creative and artistic abilities. He would love to draw pictures and play various toy musical instruments.

As a child Kurt also had an imaginary friend called “Boddah”. “Boddah” is also referred to in Nirvana's song “Lithium” when Kurt says “I'm so happy 'cause today,I've found my friends ...They're in my head”
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Kurt felt ashamed and guilt about the separation of his parents and the breakdown of his family. He feared ridicule from his friends and other students at school.

After the divorce, he became increasingly difficult and anti-social.Kurt's mother noticed that he had become more defiant and withdrawn.

Kurt started to act out and as a result, he was sent to live with his father. Kurt's father had remarried after he promised Kurt that he wouldn't. Kurt felt betrayed and resented his stepbrothers and stepsisters and began to bully them.

These behaviours eventually Kurt's father to bring him to a therapist. The therapist concluded that kurt needed a single family home. In 1979, Kurt's mother granted full custody to his father. This had a devastating effect on an already vulnerable young Kurt Cobain. He felt completely rejected by his mother.

Kurt ached for that feeling of family unity again and desperately wanted to be the central focus of attention. In high school he felt like an outcast and different to everybody else. He is quoted saying "I always felt that they would vote me 'Most likely to kill everyone at a high school