Big Cities With More Facilities

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Big Cities with More Facilities Some people like to live in a small towns rather than big cities because they think that in a small town everyone has a peaceful and healthy life. However, I prefer to live in a big city, because of the good transportation services and better facilities like good hospitals and health care centers. That makes our lives more easier and comfortable. In a big cities it is easy to get proper treatment for our diseases because of the good and improved hospitals and health care centers with various specialists. As a result, there is a decreases in death rates in big cities. However, in a small town it is very hard to find a hospital and health care centers. Consequently, patients may died due to improper treatment. For instance, my cousin who is living in India, is suffering from iron overload diseases
("hemocromoties " ) . It was impossible for him to get the treatment in his small town, Anand, because of very poor hospital facilities. Therefore, he went to the Bombay for his treatment. I think that if he didn't go to Bombay, he could have died because of the lack of hospitals in the
Secondly, in big cities we also have many modes of transportations like buses, trains and taxis which makes our lives faster, easier and more comfortable. It also takes very little time to get to work during rush hour due to fast services of buses, trains and taxis. For example, on the morning when everyone is in a