Kush: Year Three and One-on-one Personal Training Essay

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I’ll Check it Out
Fitness Gym

. We are committed to exceeding your expectations through our passion and love of what we do. At I’ll Check it Out Fitness Gym, we strive to meet all customer needs through our dedication and loyalty to you, each other, fitness and health.

I’ll Check it Out, LLC 4980 149th ST N. Hugo MN, 5038 June, 2013 Primary Contact Amber Kush 651-308-6315 Amber@IllCheckitOut.com Confidential Property of I’ll Check it Out, LLC

No Limits!

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I’ll check it out is a no limits fitness gym dedicated to exceeding all customer expectations, quality products, excellent customer service, and valued relationships. We will maintain an atmosphere that is enjoyable to each customer. Our environment will be diverse, creative, fair and hardworking. I’ll Check it Out was founded by Amber Kush. It is a Minnesota based company that is being started in June of 2013. Amber started the company with visions of setting new trends in fitness industry. She created a company in the Hugo Minnesota location that would out sell its competitors with its unique personal training. I’ll Check it Out gym provides educated and certified trainers who specialize in group and personal training. Using group/personal training, creating fitness goals and meal plans specific to clientele will be a major part of I’ll Check it Out’s success. Its uniqueness will include own body weight training versus standard gym equipment training. No other gym around provides this type of training! The consumer will benefit from the highly engaged trainers and the support from others. No one here is judged. The high intensity workouts will help burn up to 700 calories per one hour workout. Whether one is training for a marathon or trying to lose some extra pounds everyone is welcomed. Clientele will lose inches while gaining muscles. They will become tone and fit. Another benefit to our clientele are the additional services that are available to them. We also will offer: massage therapy, meal planning, one-on-one personal training and fat burn classes. With these benefits I’ll Check it out will be able to set itself above the competition and continue to retain and gain new clientele. I’ll Check it Out is expected to profit in the first five years of business. The five year investment will include rent, wages, and startup costs. To fund, Amber is seeking business angels. With guaranteed gains business angels will have an expected return on investment of 35% and will be able to exit within five to seven years. In three to seven years, I’ll Check it out’s clientele is expected to grow nearly 35 percent and profits will nearly triple. By year seven I’ll Check it Out will be seeking expansion into surrounding Cities. The fitness gym will be a well known name in the community and known for its fitness successes. I’ll Check it Out is seeking a business angel to help with capital in the first year. The company is requesting $200,000 to cover startup costs and first year’s expenses. The annual gross income is expected to be $180,000 in the first year.

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