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Ky Nguyen
Mrs. Pennyfuff
English 4 , Block 2
28 April 2014
Gun Control
The American government is pushing for harder gun control laws due to the recent shootings. Many Americans are against this appeal because they feel as if the government is trying to trample on the second amendment. President Obama and vice president Joe Biden know that this will be a long fight but thy say have to start somewhere. The U.S government should take bump up the requiremnts own a firearm and what kinds of guns are acceptable.
The government wishes for limits on what type of gun one can have and better background checks for gun purchases. The Sandy Hook shooting which resulted in twenty dead first graders and 2 dead adults who were killed by a teenage assailant has impacted Americans all over the country and even the hardcore republicans who do not exactly agree with everything the president and his cabinet does knows that they are should be a change to our gun policy. Steve Mostyn discusses his view on the push for a stricter gun policy “ I’m not anti-gun , I’m just not pro dumbass”
Americans all over the country feel that President Obama’s appeal is unjust and is going against the constitution . They argue that the government cannot just make new laws and restrictions based on events that could happen to anybody no matter the circumstances. The gun community as a whole should not be targeted as a whole because there are many responsible gun carryng americans out there. They should not be