Essay about Kylie: Ulysses s. Grant and Robert E. Lee

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Kylie Banks
HIS 1050
Carol Repass
July 4, 2013
Civil War: Ken Burn #9 The Civil War made the United States as a nation the constitution required a war to sort out the constitution. In April 1865 the dream for a tropical empire was gone, the confederates were forced to surrender. Ulysses S. Grant was finally able to corned Robert E. Lee. Elisha Hunt Rhodes was about to receive the best and the worst news of the war. Then William Tecumseh Sherman and Joseph E Johnston met on the battle field one last time. In 1861 Lincoln implored his countrymen not to go to war, in 1865 the bloodshed was finally coming to an end. Over the course of the four year war, 1 million pictures of the war were taken. Monday April 10th 1865 Robert E. Lee and the rebel army had surrendered. There was a steamboat, called Sultana that was traveling north when a boiler burst into flames leaving 1200 prisoners dead. Edmund Ruffin, a former Virginia secessionist, was the one to fire one of the first shots at Fort Sumter, he draped a rebel flag over his shoulder and shot and killed himself, and he would have rather died than live. April 14th marked the 4th anniversary of the surrender of Fort Sumter, it was also Good Friday. The former commander Colonel Robert Anderson was ordered to raise the original flag that was originally ordered to be taken down in 1861. John Wilkes Booth then told his followers of a new plan that he had come up with, he was going to shoot and kill President Lincoln and Grant, while Lewis was going to kill Secretary of State William Seward, George Atzerodot was to shoot the Vice President Andrew Johnson. General Grant and his wife, left and went to Philadelphia at the last minute. President Lincoln and his wife took their seats in the Presidential Box along with Henry Rathbone and his Fiancée Clara Harris. Booth then shot Lincoln, then he jumped from the booth and fell onto the stage and broke his leg he then screamed something, some think he said Virginias state motto. Lincoln’s wife screams, the bullet went all the way threw and was lodged behind his eye. The wound was described as mortal his unconscious body was carried across the street, no one was allowed to see him only doctors. The doctors finally determined they could do nothing for him. Payne stabbed Shuard then ran into the street saying “I’m mad, I’m mad,” Atzerodot was too scared to actually kill the Vice President. At 7:22 on Saturday April 15th President Lincoln died, he was 56 years old. He was to be buried in his adopted home town of Springfield, Illinois, the small casket of his son Willy who died in Washington was to go with his body on the journey. His wife was much to sadden to go along with him. The funeral train ride home was to last 12 days. The precision took four hours in New York, the ride finally ended on May 4th, Lincoln’s casket was black and silver and was borrowed from St. Lewis. On April 26th the union Calvary trapped Booth in a tobacco barn then set it on fire, David Harold surrendered, while Booth chose death, a soldier shot him in the neck. There were false rumors in the North and the South that Davis was captured in women’s clothing. Davis was imprisoned at Fortress Monroe and he was made to wear chains. On May 13th Private John Jay Williams was the last man killed in the civil war at the battle of Palmetto Ranch, Texas that led to a confederate victory. On May 23 1865 the flag flew at full staff for the first time since Lincoln’s death. US Grant and the new President Andrew Johnson stood to watch the grand army republic ass on a review from the capital, the precision took two days. It wasn’t until September that the railway service was reopened to Clarksville. All eight accomplice were found guilty and sentenced to be hung, even Mary the owner of the house, it took them more than 5 minutes for them all to die. 3 ½ million men went into war, 620,000 men died that is as many as all American wars combined. 1 quarter of all white men were dead.