Kyra Wallace's Passion For Animal Science

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Reflection on scientific narrative essay
This reflective narrative will centre around Kyra Wallace and how her passion for Animal sciences began. Particular experiences, family members and schooling in her life that spurred her into the position that she is in today with a deep passion for wild life in need. In my opinion multi-modal techniques were present in all aspects of her essay.
Kyra’s mother played a major role in igniting her passion for animals. As a game ranger herself, Kyra’s mother was always ready to answer questions regarding wild life and the Latin names of each animal. I could relate to this as my parents both grew up on farms and where exceptionally proud to be called south Africans, the people who share the land with
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I however have never needed a passport or travelled outside the country. I respect her boldness and brevity of moving to a completely different country without her parents or anyone close at hand who could help her if she needed it. Kyra and I seem to have many similarities when it comes to our passion for biology and the sciences. We both spent many hours behind the books studying and practising our work ensuring that we can get to the best of our abilities to get into a degree of our choice. Schooling is a very important need in our society, we need it in order to communicate, get an education in order to be able to pursue a certain degree one day. Therefore, many usages of multi-modal needed to be learnt and practised to achieve a good rounded education.
The passion for animals is an addiction, once you are caught up in this love for animals there is no pulling out. Kyra and I have both fallen in love with animals from a very young age. However unlike Kyra who cringed at the thought of animals in distress or hurt. I believe in the cycle of life. I will do everything that I can to ensure that an animal in need is attended to but I will not be highly affected by an animal in the wild that would be killed in order to feel another. A perfect example of this is that I enjoy hunting with my