L3 The Reality Of War 28 November 2012 Essay

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The Reality of War
L.O: To practise varying sentences and to build sense descriptions

Vocabulary Builder

Which senses do these words belong to? Look up those you do not know in a dictionary.
Vermillion = sight
Acrid = smell
Cacophonic = sound
Pungent = smell
Gargantuan = sight
Sour = smell

se this image to write 3 sentences using the sense vocabulary builder
1. The overall impression of the photo shows a murky feel to the field and the soldiers who fought in it.
2. I think the image shows us that the ground was murky and rotten and had a smell like rotting milk and cheese, it would make people choke. 3. Jasper took a sharp blow to the arm as he felt the white hand of death reach for him.

You are now going to develop this piece of writing. • Look at the vocabulary builder sheet which has a selection of more great sense vocabulary for this topic.
• Mind map your ideas for a piece of descriptive writing in which you imagine you were on this battlefield. Low clouds streaked with sadness. Vermillion gash across his handsome brow.

Cacophonic wailing and screeching of shells.

All I could hear was the wails and cries of the injured men.


The field floor was damp with the pee and
The air was blood of soldiers more moist than and rats. normal air.

It smelled like rotten rat and stale bread for
The smell could dinner in the kill if taken in. trench.

1. Adverbial opener:
Relentlessly, the biting bullets rained down on me. Carefully crawling along the damp ground, I edged my way back