La Misma Luna Essay

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Candice Barrett
La Misma Luna
March 2, 2015

In the movie La Misma Luna, the legal issues had me devastated, upset, and angry. I hated that the little boy had to be so far away from his mother because of immigration laws. I believe that immigration laws are stupid in certain cases. I understand that we should have these laws because of the terrorists in the world, but what I don’t understand is that if a woman is working her butt off and proving that she doesn’t not want to hurt anyone why can she not have the privilege to make a better life for her and her son. The child has not had the chance to do anything wrong not to be able to go into the states so why do we have make him suffer. I never really understood what immigrants had to deal with until I watched this movie. I learned from the movie the many risks of trying to cross the border illegally and what people face every day as immigrants. At the very beginning of the movie, as Rosario was trying to cross the border illegally she scraped her arm leaving a nasty scar. This was the first legal issue that I understood. If she would have been caught, not only would she have been sent back to Mexico but she would have probably faced charges for breaking the law. Also in this movie, you see that immigrants risk their life to get across the border and during jobs to make money. Most illegal immigrants have to take on risky and unhealthy jobs to make money in the states. I do not believe that is fair because no one should be forced to put their health in danger just for money. It makes me sick to know how employers treat the immigrants. This also makes me upset to see how immigrants get injured and put their self in dangerous situations to make a better life for their self and their children. It was hard for Rosario to find a job because she was an illegal immigrant. Many people refused to let her work for them because she was a risk for being illegal. She had to be paid in cash so that the immigration police can’t find her. At one of the houses that she cleaned she had to explain that she had another job when the woman wanted her to work later. The owner fired her and did not even pay her for her last few days work. This makes me angry because if you get fired you should still be paid for the work you have completed. Another legal issue that I saw in the movie was when Enrique got arrested at the park. The cops that arrested him were very violent and I was very disturbed to know how officers handle these situations. It really frightens to me think of how many immigrants face these issues every day. The immigration process irritates me in the