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CS113: Academic Strategies for the Business Professional
Unit 9 Career Action Plan Assignment

Name: LaAshanti Lammkin
Two-digit Section #: 08

Instructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 9 Dropbox.

Develop your own Career Action Plan based on information you have gained in this course. Consider information from course Readings, Assignments, career research, the informational interview, and the LASSI assessment.

Career Action Plan:

Take some time to think seriously about where you would like to be in your future career and how you will get there. Once you have generated some ideas, complete the short-term and long-term information, and respond to all items listed below:

Short-Term Educational Goal (approximately 2 years or less):

Your short-term educational goal should be a goal that you can realistically accomplish in approximately 2 years or less. Focus on a goal that will help you to reach the long-term career goal that you will be focusing on in the second part of your career action plan.

I. What is this educational goal and why is it important to you? (minimum 5 complete sentences)

My short term educational goal would be to complete my degree program with a 3.0 or higher. This is important to me because it will help me with my future goal of having and owning my own business on day. With me using the skills iv have learn such as time management and the S.M.A.R.T skills they will help me to manage my time better and allow me to complete my school work in the them time allowed. Using the skills I have learn will not only help me with my short term goals but also my long term goals. Without completing my short term goal with the skills I have learned from past units my long term goals will see unrealistic and hold me back from progress.

II. Your Strengths: What skills, characteristics, and experiences do you have now that make you a good “fit” for this short-term goal? (minimum 5 complete sentences)

The skills, characteristics, and experiences I have now that make me a good “fit” for this short-term goal is my ability to strive for successes. My drive to succeed is very high. With me being an audio and visual learner I know what steps and what actions I can take to be able to learn the information at hand. Knowing what type of Lerner I am will give me the leverage I need to be able to approach my work from a more understandable stand point. Now that I am almost finish with my first two classes I know what to expect for my oncoming classes.

III. Your Weaknesses: What skills, characteristics, and experiences will you need to gain in order to ensure that you will achieve this goal? (minimum 5 complete sentences)

My Weaknesses when it comes to the skills, characteristics, and experiences I’ll need to gain in order to ensure that I will achieve this goal is to not procrastinate and learn how to take time for myself. Procrastination is a big problem with me because I know I have time to do my work but it always seems to be put off until really late. I can fight procrastination by pushing myself every day that I am doing this to better myself. Learning how to take time for myself will help with keeping me from getting overly stresses. Keeping my stress levels low will help motivate me to keep pushing and not giving up on my goals.

IV. Your Plan: What are some of the obstacles or challenges you might encounter as you work towards achieving this goal (refer back to your weaknesses)? How will you respond to or strive to overcome these obstacles/challenges? Which resources might be helpful? (minimum 5 complete sentences)

Some of the obstacles or challenges you might encounter I work towards achieving this goal is overcoming my procrastination. Learning how to manage working a full time job and going to school full time is really hard. After a