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Observing Bacteria Cultures in Yogurt
Tiffanie Gonzales
Microbiology 232–DL2 Due 09/28/2014

Abstract: In this lab assignment the different microorganisms were observed at different magnifications. Pictures of each different slide were taken using 10x 40x and in some cases 100x magnification.
Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to learn and understand how to observe different microorganisms and cultures at different magnifications.
1) Assemble the Microscope as described
2) Open the labpaq and separate all slides, put the “e” slide under the microscope and focus it until the letter e is clear and visible.
3) Place the different slides under the microscope, focus and take photos of each slide at the different magnifications as specified.
4) upload each of the photos taken to place in a word document and note observations
5) dug an old glass jam jar out of the cabinet and placed a tea spoon full of yogurt in the lid. The jar was placed upside down in the cupboard for two days.
6) Use a toothpick to put yogurt on a slide and viewed it under the microscope at each magnification
Amoeba Proteus
10x splotches of stained pink and purple organism with nucleus
40x larger images appears to look more like grapes
100x Observations were similar to that of the 40x with a more visible internal structure

10x pink dye and appears to look like lace with darker stained specks in the center of each bubble
40x is more circular and appears to look like a flower with larger stained specks in the center
100x larger round cells just more visible than 40x

Ascaris eggs
10x these were clear and green or yellow in color very distinct egg shape to them
40x larger egglike structures with a dark lining around each
100x can see some structure internally but is not visible

10x these were stained purple and appeared to have the shape of a tulip or pigs foot, but appears to be splitting with a dark oval shaped nucleus
40x looks the same as 10x but with what looks like hair surrounding it
100x can better see the internal structure of the organism and where it is splitting

10x was green in color and appeard to look like a line of grass with trees growing in the background
40x appears to look or like algae or grass like with no visible nucleus

10x has a black speckled or grainy appearance to it when it was magnified to 10 I was able to see a purple residue
40x looks like fish eggs has larger colored specks in the background
100x you can better see the shape of the cells some were rounded others are longer like rice structures

Yogurt fresh
40x was very different than the prepared yogurt slides the image here shows it to appear very grainy and more of a black or grey color without dye.
100x is less clustered and appears more like a planet or the moon there are more visible cell like structure in the closer magnification and I could see what appeared to be a steady flow of water or small bubbles traveling through each of the slides

Yogurt prepared
40x here is less grainy and has a purple dye to its color and appears to be more elongated without a visible nucleus
100x looks like condensation or circular water droplets without a visible internal structure

40x this slide is very clear, elongated and spiraled in appearance with a purple dye 100x darker in appearance similar to 40x

40x The slide here is speckled more scattered and slightly grainy in appearance in a purple dye and looks like that of the yogurt prepared
100x Looks similar to the 40x but more cloudy and with more shape l Bacillus
40x irregular shaped organisms with purple dye
100xin this slide there are