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Amber Phillips
Lab 14 p.77

1. The water distribution goes by the first highest service area to the fourth in that order, The Anacostia First High Service Area generally includes the area located southeast of the Anacostia River, and located between ground elevations between 70 and 170 feet. The water storage and pumping responsibilities are shared by DC Water and the Washington Aqueduct. DC Water operates four treated water pumping stations.
2. Employees have to go through a Waste Water Certification program. When wastewater treatment plants are properly operated, public health and the state's waters are protected. This certification program is working to help ensure that operators meet the established requirements and are competent to operate and maintain wastewater treatment plants. Exams also have to be taken.
3. As part of the current Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Program implemented in the last decade, there has been an effort to maximize in-line storage and minimize combined sewer overflows to receiving waters.
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5. Sludge can be a useful byproduct of treated wastewater. Sludge may be treated or thickened to remove some of its water, then further processed by stabilization. Raw sludge is allowed to decompose in digester tanks. In some cases, special chemicals are used for stabilization. Stabilized sludge has no odor and is free of disease-causing organisms.
6. Yes, they do, it helps clean the water and they reuse it because it’s natural.
7. Nutrients such as prosperous and nitrogen, these nutrients need to be changed into less harmful substances or removed before being released into the environment. Toxic chemicals Sometimes wastewater contains hazardous chemicals from…