Lab 5 Operating Systems Essay

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Lab 5 Operating Systems
Larry Pfaff
ITT Technical Institute
Ms. Pritchard

I found the simulator clumsy as the operating systems were old and out dated. I am sure it is help for users that are unfamiliar because it lets you figure out how to fix the different scenario instead of taking you through the steps. This would give them a better understanding about the OS and how the GUI is applied.
Microsoft started with DOS (disk operating system) then upgraded to Windows 3.x which is really DOS with GUI next was NT it is a little older Windows 95 NT was the first OS different from DOS. Window 95 is based off DOS and the first OS to support PnP. Windows 2000, XP, and Vista are based off OS NT.
Unix is an older OS even older that DOS Linux is the upgraded version Unix and has command line interface which means free open source OS. Mac OS is based off Linux and the latest OS for Mac is MAC OS X.
The differences between Linux and Windows operating systems are many and some can be complex. Windows and Linux users are both dedicated to the operating systems that they use, but for new users, the decision between using Linux or Windows is one that has to be made.
Both Windows and Linux are computer operating systems and both are designed to work on the same type of hardware (PCs or IBM compatibles). However, this is where the similarity between the two ends. One of the basic differences between Linux and Windows operating systems is that Linux is open source, meaning it