Essay about Lab: Gender and Smaller Homosexual Male

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Jasmine Silva-Jones
March 4, 2015
Lab Assignment 2

During a recent visit to the University of Rhode Island I observed four men contest each others musicality to show their superiority and dominance .The four men were comprised of a large male on the football team (male A), a smaller homosexual male with strong political views (male B), an average sized male who plays golf (Male C) and Shorter male that also plays golf (male D). All Four males are in one room watching Sports Center and had a conversation about their day. Eventually the Male A and C started teasing Male D about his height and then he retaliated, they go back and fourth for quite some time. Making fun of each other for things like: the way they dress, what they ate for lunch, and their body types. They constantly called each other words like “fag” except for male B, no one made fun of him but only tried to get him to agree with their arguments. He stayed neutral the whole time and no one called him a “fag”. Eventually the conversation shifted and they talked about something else. The word “fag” is used to emasculate the other males and to show masculinity. In this context, the word never used to make fun of someone’s homosexuality. Each male refrains from making fun of Male B or myself. Male A, C and D made fun of each other lightly in a joking manner but still tried hard to make themselves more masculine then the other two. The word fag was not used to make fun of Male B; they acted like it wasn’t meant to be use against people who were exclusively heterosexual males. They treated the word like it was for heterosexuals to make fun of heterosexuals for being homosexuals.
Male B wasn’t seen as one of