Lab: Ionic or Molecular? Essay

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Lab: Ionic or Molecular?

By: Tina science 9

Question: How can substances be classified as ionic or molecular based on their properties?


Compounds containing two or more elements can have a ionic or molecular bond. If it consists of a metal and non metal, then it is ionic. If it consists of only non-metals, then it is molecular. Ionic compounds will conduct electricity when dissolved in water and they are usually in crystal form. Molecular compounds are great for insulating heat, and are easily melted or boiled by the weak molecules in between.


Independent variables: Temperature, Water amount,

Response variable: Sodium chloride, KHSO4, Epsom salt, Sugar, Wax


-Sodium chloride

-Potassium bisulphate (KHSO4)

-Epsom Salts

-5 Test tubes

-Conductivity meter (for teacher demonstration)



-Hot Plate

-Aluminum foil


1) None of the substances are harmful to touch, but you must wash your hands immediately after this lab.

2) When determining if a substance has a characteristic odour, remember to never directly inhale fumes. Waft the air above it towards your nose.

3) Be very careful when using the hot plate, they can get very hot and burn you easily.


Substance Appearance Hardness Odour Solubility in water Melting point


Sodium chloride White, small balls Hard, not easily broken Smells like ocean Easily soluble if broken down 5th

Sugar Sparkly, crystal like Hard, not easily broken down Sweet, like corn syrup Soluble 2nd

Potassium bisulphate…