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Lessons in B. Tech.
April 18, 2012
The past few days have seen nostalgic emails from friends with instances and places and jokes and thoughts that we had shared at some point in the past few wonderful years. Everyone has their learnings out of this endeavor and the scales of the same pitch in different directions for every individual. My lessons which i can pull out, are here. These years have shaped me, moulded me, sometimes roughly sometimes as gently as with a touch, but i would not have been what i am today was it not for each of those experiences. I thank everyone who has been a part of these years for each of you has played a part in the tempering process.

Fall in love.

There are a few things we can really know we feel. And this is probably the easiest one to put into words. Happiness, sadness, all emotions are relative, Love is not.

Loving something is simply joyous. A person, a gadget, a ball, an experience, find time to find one or all of these and never be afraid of falling for that one thing can become your life. Loving is not tough. it may or may not last but however brief the moments they may be these will be those that they can take your breath away. Express yourself through actions and not though words, they are more respected.

There will be things you see yourself doing when you close your eyes. Follow them, try them, they are the things your mind thinks you will love. Passion is what drives us, love the thing you do and you never have to work a day in your life [paraphrased from Confucius] .


They say men don’t know when to shut up. I say thats true. i’ll go a step further as to hunch on a reason. We Wish To Learn. And only by moving a conversation forward can we learn.Each individual has a perspective, respect that. Listen. and Reply. It is conversations which help forge something that can blossom into something beautiful.

There are some men who just want to watch the world Burn. This appeal is meant for them. Its for those who are lazy. Get out what is in you, these are the years to explore and not stick. It may be within these explorations that you can find yourself. Loosing yourself in the smoke is not worth it, for when the smoke clears you realize you missed those who you couldn’t see behind the cloud.

Never stop learning.

There will be things you do with your broken limbs. These things tell you who you really are. Pain really is a great teacher. It in these times you learn as much about yourself as you learn about others. There are lessons hidden in everything from watching a guy play guitar on the beach or sitting behind a rider you hitchhiked with on the highway or sleeping on the last bench in class. Have the will to go.

It is tough to shed off a feeling, to forgive, to let things be but heed the Beatles – Let It Be and try to learn the reason behind each action you did not warrant. It may surprise you, make you see something you did not believe, but it will help you grow.

Experience and Explore.

There will always be hurdles. There will always be people who will not think its a good idea. Pack your bags and Go. You find yourself in serenity. All the small corners you share with someone stick with you throughout your life. The experiences you share make you learn. From roads of hilly mountains to beaches to clandestine staircases to rooftops beneath open skies each is an experience worth the effort. And it is these experiences more than anything else that we remember. Explore the campus, explore the world and explore yourself, there is just too much to see.


Its a strong term very casually thrown around. Blindly trust until you have a good reason not to. It can sometimes lead to amazing experiences.

Follow your Passion.

Do things only for yourself. Everything doesn’t have to be leading to a goal. Write to express. Walk down unknown paths. Stare blankly at a flower. Feel the Wind. I can’t begin to list the things which were done. It