Develop An Understanding Of The Metric System

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Lab Report 1

To develop an understanding of the metric system and use it to measure common objects. To also learn about how to report uncertainty in your measurements.

Lab Observations
Most flat objects do not consist of uncertainty. When we measured round objects, because of its shape, it contained uncertainty.

Lab Answers
1. Using a metric ruler, determine the length of the items in Table 1.1 below: In the final column, you are to estimate your measurement precision. To do this, measure each item a second or even third time. How close are the measurements? If there is a range of values for the length you measure, record the average difference between measurement values as your uncertainty. If your measured value for
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Bubbling indicates the formation of what chemical? As the reaction occurs, bubbling becomes visible as oxygen gas is formed.

2. Describe the activity of Catalase as pH increases. Do you think that other enzymes are likely to behave in this way as well? Why or why not? It speeds the breakdown of H2O2 into H20 and oxygen gas. Yes, I think it would have a similar PH dependency, which is what I observed when I added chopped fresh spinach to cup # 1.

3. Assume that you have a pH meter which would enable you to very accurately measure the pH of a solution. Describe an experimental design that would allow you to pinpoint the exact pH at which Catalase is the most active.

4. Regarding cup #1: a. Describe the utility of cup #1 as a control. b. What other material did you introduce to this cup? Describe what you observed. I added chopped spinach to cup # 1. It bubbled rapidly, the spinach floated to the top. It contained a very high catalyst reaction.

c. How does Catalase activity in the material you investigated compare to potato? The spinach and potato reaction to the catalase was very similar.
A catalyst is a substance that speeds up a reaction, but is not consumed in the reaction. It generally works because it provides an alternative reaction pathway that requires less energy. When a catalyst is