Surface Mining Lab

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Surface Mining Lab
Daniel Roman II

The main purpose of the lab was to simulate and observe a few aspects of actually mining. Also, another purpose of the lab was to show how the process of mining impacts the environment. But what wasn't simulated is the fact that before mining people have to receive mining rights sense usually they mine on private property. It is very easy for the people on the job to completely destroy land. But even though it negatively impacts the environment it is a very significant part of our lives such as minerals, coal, and many other things.
The materials that were used in the lab were pennies, a tin tray, soil, tape, and forceps. Also, if you could a afford it then you had the option to use a teaspoon, tablespoon, strainer, and pliers.
During the lab it was the Field Geologist's job to probe the soil and determine the best spots the remove the Pennies hidden in the soil. While that was happening it was the Mine Operator's job to actually extract the pennies from the soil with the forceps. After the process of mining was complete, the pennies were covered with tape. This was the Processing Plant Operator's job to remove the tape from the pennies. The Environmental Engineer was in charge of keeping the area clean and cleaning up the mining site after mining so they don't get fined. The Accountant was in charge of keeping track of the company's wealth and keeping general records.
Company Name: White