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Classification Lab
Problem: How do species get classified?

Species- A group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding.

Genus- A grouping of organisms having common characteristics distinct from those of other such groupings. Domain- An area of territory owned or controlled by a ruler or government:

Work sheet
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Procedure: * Find the correct species for the description * Make your own chart to describe the species * Answer the work sheet questions * Conclude your data


2 cm leaves or less | Go to 2 | 2+ cm leaves length | Go to 3 | 4+ cm in length | May apple | 4 cm leaves or less | Broad hat arrow head | Stem 2 cm or less | Large flowered trillium | Stem 2+cm | Go to 4 | Open leaves | Common blue violet | Closed leaves | Go to 5 | No clover | Go to 6 | Has colver | Red clover | Leaves dangle | Large flowered belwart | Leaves don’t dangle | Go to 1 | | |

1. Plethodon glutinonous, slimy salamander 2. Ambystoma jeffersonianum, Jefferson salamander 3. Ambystoma macultum, spotted salamander 4. Trituras viridescens, newt 5. Eurycea poislineata, two lined salamander 6. Necturas maculosus, mud puppy 7. Ambystoma tigrinum, tiger salamander 8. Hemidactylium scutum, four toed salamander 9. Plethodon einereus, red blacket salamander 10. Siren intermedia, siren 11. Ambystoma opacum, marbled salamander

The purpose of this lab was to determine how species are classified. While doing this lab, I didn’t make any mistakes that would impact the outcome of the lab result. The data showed that you can use