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Mary Rose Thompson
Mr. Boczany
Lab Write-up
Introduction: The purpose of the experiment is to determine more about polarity. A critical piece of knowledge “is the property of having poles or being polar.”(Wikipedia) The reason of waters polarity is there is uneven distribution of electron density. This ties into the experiment because we are trying to figure out the difference between Water Polarity and Solvent Polarity.

Procedure: Begin by collecting a Ruler, Scissors, three pieces of filter paper, Colored markers (Black, Brown, Purple), Two 250mL Beakers, Water, and Ethanol. Start the experiment by cutting the filter paper into strips by folding the paper cutting the small edge and then cutting the long edge you should have six strips by the time you finish. Label one beaker Water and the other Ethanol. Once you have done this get a pair of safety goggles a putting them on. Label the strips as Brown Ethanol, Black Water, Brown Water, etc. Draw a pencil line about an inch from the bottom, then color the appropriate color dot in the center of the line make sure the dot bleeds through to the other side of the paper. Fill a beaker with ethanol till the entire bottom is filled with the substance do the same to the water beaker. Put each black labeled paper in the appropriate beaker and analyze do the same to the brown and purple slips.


Nothing has happened
Had to add more water
Water rises up paper ink does not
Black Sharpie

Circle Enlarges
Purple rises
Turns into some sort of cylinder
Stops moving ½ way up the paper
Black Sharpie
Brown at the bottom purple toward