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MEC 325/580 Lab Report

CNC Machining Lab Report

Date: March 18, 2013

Group Leader: Jian Wu
Team Members:

Group Number: G4

Regment No.: D



1.Objective and introduction.
2.Principles and practice.
3.Design and result.
4.Conclusion and recommendations.

1. Objective and introduction * Objectives Operate the CNC milling machine using G-codes, M-codes in a CNC program. * Equipment: Minitech CNC machine (Series 2) * Machine introduction Most CNC milling machines are computer controlled vertical mills with the ability to move the spindle vertically along the Z-axis. This extra degree of freedom permits their use in die sinking, engraving applications, and
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It includes 2 linear interpolations and 5 arc interpolations (1 semi-circle, 1 quater-circle and 3 full circles)
We first sketched the design in CAD, to make sure it fits in the 3*5 square inch area. Then, we used “dimention mark” to find out coordinates of all the line end points and arc center points. Unlike the WEDM lab, which use the difference between arc center points coordinates and arc interpolation starting points coordinates to code, CNC machining lab use the absolute values of arc center points coordinates, which is the distances relatively to our chosen origin (We set the left bottom conner of the work piece as the origin). With the coordinates settled, we programmed and debuged the G-code and M-code for CNC machining.
The finished product is as shown in Fig.3-2.

Fig. 3-2 finished product

4. Conclusion and recommendations
By preparing for the lab, we have learned the working principles of Minitech CNC milling machine. We have also learned how to make a satisfactory workpiece design for CNC machining, such as never fully occupying the available working surface on work piece, in case that the miller end would hit hit the clamps. Moreover, we have practiced programming in G-code and M-code for a desined workpiece to fufill its manufacturing process by CNC machining.
In the process of doing the lab, we have learned practical operations of Minitech CNC milling machine, including manually set the