Lab Report Osmosis Essay

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The effect of osmosis on artificial cells with different concentrations of sucrose

Alex McRae
Biology 120-902 Grand Valley State University 1 Campus Drive Allendale, MI 49401

Abstract In this study, we tested the validity of osmosis in artificial animal cells. Osmosis is the diffusion of free water across a membrane. The purpose of the study was to calculate the rate of osmosis in artificial cells containing different concentrations of sucrose and water. We studied the rate of osmosis in artificial cells by creating five different dialysis bags with different concentrations of both sucrose and water and calculating the cumulative change in weight ever 10
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Using the corrected cumulative change, we can monitor the rate of change for each bag, and correlate the rate of change to the rate of osmosis. For bag #2, the slope, or the rate of osmosis was y =