Lab Safety Contract Essay

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I, name, will abide by the following rules when in the lab:
• I will always wear eye protecting safety goggles when experimenting.
• I will not drink any food or drinks into the laboratory at any time.
• I will was my hands before leaving the laboratory.
• I will clean the lab area after experimentation.
• I will not work in the laboratory unless it has adequate ventilation.
• I will never “directly” inhale chemicals.
• I will wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and enclosed shoes when in the lab area.
• I will tie back my long hair.
• I will not wear dangling jewelry or any other objects.
• I will never smoke in the laboratory (not that I smoke anyway), nor will I allow anyone else to smoke in the laboratory.
• I will be knowledgeable about the locating of the basic safety equipment.
• I will never leave a burning flame or reaction unattended.
• I will follow all safety instructions given to me by the instructor(s).
• I will never perform any unauthorized experiments.
• I will be sure to store any equipment and supplies I use back in it’s original spot (unless I am told otherwise).
• I will be sure to handle all my lab equipment and supplies with care.
• I will remember to be considerate of the people, property, and objects around me.
• I will be sure to preview each experiment and carefully think about the safety precautions needed to taken to experiment safely.
• I will familiarize myself with the location of the eyewash station, fire