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Conservation Of Mass Lab
The purpose of this lab was to prove conservation of mass. To do so we had two trials; an open system and a closed system. We pay close attention to the measurements of the baking soda and vinegar before and after each trail.
The objective of this experiment was to prove the conservation of mass.
Baking Soda
Ziplock Bag
Graduated Cylinder
Styrofoam Cups
Trial 1:
1. Put on goggles and apron and keep them on until conclusion of experiment.
2. Measure approximately 20 mL of vinegar using the graduated cylinder. Pour the vinegar into Styrofoam cup.
3. Measure approximately 5 g of baking soda into a separate Styrofoam cup.
4. Place both cups on a balance and record the total mass. Then Remove the cups from the balance.
5. Add the baking soda the cup containing vinegar. Record observations. Take notice to the time of reaction.
6. Re-mass both Styrofoam cups together. Record their final mass.
Trial 2:
1. Measure approximately 20 mL using the graduated cylinder. Pour it into a Styrofoam cup.
2. Measure approximately 5 g of baking soda and place it into a ziplock bag.
3. Determine the combined mass of the Styrofoam cup with vinegar and the ziplock bag with baking soda. Write down the value in your data table.
4. Pour the vinegar into the ziplock bag containing the baking soda. QUICKLY seal the plastic bag.
5. Record observations in the data table.
6. Without opening the bag, record the mass of the