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Abstract: The purpose of the lab was to discover which antacid works the best. By doing a titration lab we were able compare the quality of: Tums, Roll Aids, and Milk of Magnesium. Having the acid in the burette and the antacid in water inside the beaker, we were looking to see the quantity of milliliters of Hydrogen Chlorine that took to neutralize the base, the antacid. The more hydrogen chlorine of .01 M that took to neutralize our base demonstrates the better quality of the antacid.
Several antacids are sold in pharmacy without prescription, we as consumer are not aware of the precision of effectiveness of the product. We consume the product think that it will function properly and relief the stomach pain but some products do not work properly for the cooperation behind only wants the profit gained for it useless pain reliever. Therefore, in this experiment we investigate which antacid actual can help relieve stomach pain. By using hydrogen chlorine in comparison with the acid in our stomach we will see the outcome of the pain reliever.
• 1 graduated cylinder
• 1Burette
• 3 Beakers
• Mortar and Pestle
• Diluted water
• .01 M of HCl
• 1Tablet of Tums
• 1 Tablet of Roll Aids
• Milk of Magnesium
• 5 drops of Phenolphthalein for each antacid
• 1 Funnel
• Goggles
1. Using a mortar and pestle, crush one tablet and…