Labeling Health Issues Essay

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As an individual with a sense of self-awareness, I know that I am not in the worst of conditioning and health, but there are areas that need improving. My weight should be classified as my biggest obstacle of getting back to peak physical and psychological condition. Another profound issue that I have in terms of my health is my lack of a full night of rest. For my third issue, I would say that my isolation from my family and friends from my childhood has established a level of depression. In terms of my weight, it isn’t a lifelong struggle, I has been a very recent and rapid rise in weight. My family has a very prominent history of heart disease and diabetes. However, my mother and father are both very athletic and active. For me this is a major factor in my mental state because the opinions of my father and mother weigh (no pun intended) heavily on me. I know where they are coming from being concerned for my wellbeing, however just knowing that I haven’t achieved to their level of approval burdens me. I have always been active and was a member of the U.S. National Karate Team and multiple varsity sports during my high school career. I know I have the drive and ability to work to get my weight down, it is just the arduous process in which to get there. Some people are able to turn their minds off and fall asleep at a flick of a switch. I hate these kinds of people because I do not possess this ability. It has been well documented that a good nights sleep allows for better brain function and actually helps with weight-loss. I can’t tell you how many nights I stare up from my bed at the ceiling with my mind racing and sleep eluding me. My mother is the exact same way, so it may be hereditary. She and I used to stay up till 3 in the morning carrying on conversation until our eyes grew heavy. Currently I have employed reading a book at night before bed, which seems to be helping a little. However I know if I conditioned myself to have a full night of sleep it would help in many other parts of my life. Recently, I moved to the Maryland area from my home state of Florida for a job opportunity. This has been a difficult process because it dislocated me from the