Essay on Labor Contractualization

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Chapter 1


Contractualization has become the main form of labor in many Philippine businesses, a good reason why there are hardly any labor unions in the country or why most workers are not organized in the new millenium. Contractual workers cannot afford to join unions because they are at the mercy of their employers. Many laws protecting workers protect only regular employment (Herrera, 2006).
On the local scene, the general public is sounding the alarm on the steady growth of both unemployment and underemployment. The concrete situation of millions of sales ladies in our department stores and giant malls, some factory workers, house helpers, carpenters, gasoline boys, workers in the
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Significance of the Study The researchers believed that the findings of the study may serve the following purposes that will contribute to the field of labor contractualization. This study will also be beneficial to the students, instructors, and to the Department of Labor and Employment at Tarlac City. This study may help them to identify the problems of labor contractualization and how to bring immediate solution to the said problems.
In the interest of the future researchers, this study could serve as a guide and additional information for those who wish to conduct a study on the same nature.

Scope and Delimitation The purpose of the study was to assess the labor contractualization in SM city of Tarlac. The selection of respondents was done from the information forwarded by employees of SM City of Tarlac. The study was delimited to three (3) department of SM City of Tarlac
The respondents included the managers/employees of the three different departments namely the SM Department Store, SM Appliances, and SM Supermarket who were involved in the labor contractualization of SM City of Tarlac.
The study presented the profile of labor contractualization in forms of age, gender, highest education attainment, work assignment, status employment, salary range; distribution of contractual employees; problems that affect contractual employees.
Lastly, the implication of labor contractualization in SM City of Tarlac to the