Labor Laws and Unions Essay

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Labor Laws and Unions
Melissa Forest
University of Phoenix

The company of choice is United Parcel Services (UPS) “As the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services, UPS continues to develop the frontiers of logistics, supply chain management, and e-Commerce” (UPS, 2012). Larger companies have opportunities to have legal issues or obstacles that the company can encounter. Such as; preach of privacy of the customers, harassment, unfair work conditions or discrimination within the workforce and staying on the cutting edge with the competitions. This means that the human resource manager has to abide by all the labor laws. UPS is also an organization that is part of the Union. Being in a Union has both pros and cons which will be discussed in this paper.

Privacy is one of the biggest threats that UPS could encounter with handling the public’s private information along with being online there are many factors to ensure that the customer is protected. One law that would be broken by not having a full proof plan to protect the customers is the Privacy Protection Act this is a protection law for the consumers. Ways that UPS can protect their company and the their customers is by having a close handle of the laws and informing all the employees what the protocol is and what the company expectation is as well. When the employees are aware of the laws and the expectations of the company it is the best way for management to keep the company compliant. On the website there is a privacy policy for all customers to review and agree to, this explains the potential risks when using the internet. This way the company protects the customers, the company and UPS is still abiding by the Privacy Act.

UPS is a Democratic Union; this gives the employees the right to vote and whatever the majority is that will be the outcome of the vote. There are many different jobs at UPS to consider; corporate employees, customer service, local drivers, cross country drivers, etc. Such job has separate needs thus there are several benefits that the company offers such as; amazing health benefits, pensions, base hourly pay, part time benefits as well as full time benefits. The general unionization process is when a company first becomes a Union; this process can take roughly six weeks. In this time is when the bargaining occurs, all the wishes of the organization are discussed. A company can become a union with or without a hearing. When a company bargains for the unions rights there is a process that they employees must follow. Starting with a proposal that is represented to the union, each member has the ability and right to express issues or demands that were not…