Lack Of Education In Pakistan

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In the first paper we discussed the social problem “Lack of Education Opportunities for Women in the rural areas of Pakistan”. We preceded by defining the problem and explaining how other people have defined the issue, moreover, women and girls of the rural or poverty stricken areas of Pakistan were identified as the target audience. The major social, political and economic constraints were also explained and policies and programs made by the Government and NGOs in the past were also analyzed.
Lack of education opportunities for the women in the rural areas of Pakistan is a very broad problem with several associated subtopics and divisions, hence identifying, discussing and analyzing all the areas of interest would be cumbersome.
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Lack of knowledge about their rights, importance and role in the society, these women have become habitual of all these discrimination and segregation from the roles in various functions of the society, they think that its written in their fate, they are confined to home by nature, they don’t think that it is not a socially constructed taboo by the male dominated society that’s why no one tries to break away which ultimately would causes a chaotic and catastrophic situation in the society in the long term where poverty increases, the system dysfunctions, social diseases emerge and the whole society suffers from different problems. Girls have no role in their life’s decision rather their parents decide the most important decision of choosing life partner which later on causes family problems and then starts a big tension between …show more content…
Terrorism has seriously hampered the socio-economic growth of Baluchistan. Due to lack of development, lack of awareness and resources not being deployed properly; economic growth of Pakistan has been stunted. Lack of interest by the government and policies made half-heartedly have been the final nails in this coffin. There is lack of trust by the local Baluch’s on federal system. Events of past such as Sui gas problem where the people faced repeated attacks on the gas fields by the government and the project of Saindak gold and copper mine which was shut down by the government, the locals feel that the present and future government will also going to cheat them. Incidents such as killing of Sardar Bugti has done nothing but deteriorated the relationships between federal government and locals further. It is because of all these present problems that we have not been able to improve the situation of education in Baluchistan over the last few decades. Even now girls get married at a very early age. Stories of violence are still common, where men beat girls, throw acid on their faces for something as minute as not properly covering themselves properly in market. So it is understandable that in a society with such conservative views education is often off the table as soon as a girl is born. Baluchistan is an area where problems such as poverty, unemployment and terrorism are very serious, so