Lack Of Self-Awareness In Mary Shelley's Paradise Lost

Words: 1700
Pages: 7

Self-awareness has to be developed and practiced, but unfortunately most people do not make a conscious effort to do so. Self-awareness is vital to self-improvement, and some would argue that it is the key to a better life. In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley introduces Paradise Lost to emphasize the unique creator/ creation relationship that the creature has with Victor. The relationship between Victor and the creature is built on lack of understanding and compassion. Frankenstein and the Epigraph both show that the lack of self-awareness destroys an individual.
The creature and Victor are both subservient to each other, but this also drives them into a deeper unawareness for themselves. While trying to get Victor to create another being that is just like himself, but in female form, the
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Instead of depending on the creature that could possibly understand him, Victor chooses to only care about himself resulting in Victor becoming even more selfish. While seeking Frankenstein’s help the creature states “you must create a female” and “this alone you can do” (130). The creature relies on Victor because he is the only person intelligent enough to create another being just like him. The creature is already extremely isolated from the world, because he has never been shown compassion, and that is arguably Victors fault. The creature is unaware that he relies on Frankenstein, because he has no doubt that Frankenstein will listen to him. The Epigraph clearly explains that the creation is not dependent on the creator, but instead wishes the creator had never made him in the likeness of man. This shows that the creature can now only trust himself. While away at college and creating the creature Victor notes that he “seemed to have lost all soul” except for this “one pursuit”. His studies and his obsession “swallowed up every habit of nature” (40). When Frankenstein would take breaks to go home, his passion would be tempered, he would realize what truly