Lack Of Sleep In Macbeth

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Sleep which affects the evil disturbs the tranquillity!
In the play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare I do agree that sleep rewards the innocent and punishes the evil. In the play lack of sleep is associated with those who have guilt or paranoia, and with those who do have the privilege to sleep peacefully and are innocent. Throughout the play in various acts different elements of sleep is revealed. Sleep could be seen as a curse when Macbeth’s prophecy is told by the witches, and achieving a sinful act. Lack of sleep could affect the health of your mind but with addition to a guilty conscious it can affect your spiritual health to which lady Macbeth had gone through, after the malicious plan of Duncan’s death. But one who is innocent
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Then later says ‘the innocent sleep, sleep the knits up the ravell’d sleeve of care-....’which shows Macbeths guilt and states that only the innocent sleep well, whereas the evil would not. And this could also result to Macbeth never finding peace and rest for what he has done. ‘Shall sleep no more, Macbeth shall sleep no more.’
While Lady Macbeth tried convincing Macbeth that worrying and over thinking about the ‘successful sin’ was not going to help. Lady Macbeth also had her own guilt to deal with. Paranoia had a turning point on Lady Macbeth and started manifesting through her sleepwalking. She also felt really guilty hence-‘what’s done cannot be undone’ and Soon Lady Macbeth died ‘to bed, to bed, to bed.’
Therefore I do agree with Mr. William Shakespeare that sleep does not reward the evil but rather punishes it. That both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have been linked to the conations of what sleep has been conveyed in the play. And the evil will not sleep and will not live peacefully but rather with paranoia and guilt. Compared to the innocent which will live and sleep having a peace of mind and as while and relaxation and Tranquillity.