Laden Angel: A Short Story

Words: 1607
Pages: 7

Once, there was a boy who most would consider to be mediocre. He had friends, although he wasn’t very popular. He came from a blue collar family and nothing came easy, however he and his family didn’t necessarily struggle. Growing up wasn’t easy for Jack and he always wished for something more. For all intents and purposes, he was a clarinet playing ‘band geek’ in middle school. All this young man needed to change his life was to become a rock star. However, this would be a severe contrast from his current state. After all, Jack didn’t even own a guitar much less know how to play one. No worries, these were just minor details.
It was Christmas morning and he had hardly slept at all. Hours were spent counting guitar strings instead
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After high school Jack got married and had quite an active musical career. He played in numerous bands of different genera. None of them really amounting to much but out of the blue one day, some old friends tracked him down in Richmond, VA. This was a little odd considering he had just moved there. They were starting a project and wanted to know if he would be a part of it. They formed a band named “Laden Angel”. It was an odd name but that was good because it evoked a bit of curiosity in the listener. The band picked up steam and developed a small following playing gig after gig. Some of their success included air time on the radio and nearly winning a battle of the bands competition. Another band won the competition because they were in cahoots with the radio station sponsoring the event. It was then and there that Jack became aware of just how political and cut-throat the music industry was. This was discouraging, however Laden Angel pushed forward, eventually landing a digital record contract. It was very rewarding to see his music on iTunes especially after working so hard on this project and he felt proud of his accomplishments. All good things must come to an end and Laden Angel began to stagnate and took a hiatus, eventually disbanding completely. One member decided to go back to school and became a doctor of all things. A couple members moved away or joined another band. Jack followed suit and decided to look for something