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Lady Gaga Promotion Lashella Fears Marketing AB219 July 2, 2012

Lady Gaga brand does an adequate job in serving her customers. The way she goes about this is, by given her customers satisfaction when she performs, the style of clothes she wears, and her music videos. You are always waiting to see what she will do next that is different. When it comes to the promotional mixes she does well in all of them. The first mix will be the advertising. The way she advertises is by communication, what I mean by this is she loves to use the internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, and after her concerts she likes to advertise also. The next one would be public relations; Lady Gaga has won many awards through her music industry. Lady Gaga is an interesting person in which she likes to keep in touch with her “Little monsters” as she calls her fans. She is real good when it comes to getting her consumers to be interested in her, for her being a talented person as she is. Personal selling is when she likes to sell her product overseas. Overseas she sells her products cheaper than the U.S she is matching her benefits at a lower rate. When it comes to the U.S, she will sell some of her music high and some low. Did you know she sometimes will sell her music cd for 99 cents? The reason she does this, is so you can buy what she is selling and listen to her music, to get the consumers attention. Sales and promotion, is the way she increases her sales.