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Charnell Jones
Dr. Rizvi
ENGL 1302
April 18, 2014

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or better known as Lady Gaga produced and directed the music video Telephone featuring Beyoncé. This video portrays women sexuality and girl power in the world we live in. To many, this song was portrayed as a sign of mind control. My generation viewed this video as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé portraying the idea of illuminati and how the American government tells nothing but lies. It’s also tells the fact of how in today society we all believe whatever is being told to us. To fully analyze this music video one must first look forward to the thematic message and the textual analysis. Before analyzing the video, it is important to understand the fact that this music video is about more than just Lady Gaga and
Beyoncé not answering their cellular device. According to Lady Gaga Telephone is just a continuance of the music video Paparazzi. So we must pay attention to what exactly is going on in this music video since is posing as the second part of her ongoing story. Just as a common saying there is more to everything than just what meets the eye.
The textual analysis (lyrics) of the song is said in basic terms. Fun fact Lady Gaga wrote this song for Brittany Spears but after not using the song, Lady Gage decided to sing it herself. Lady
Gaga is not going to answer the phone because she is having too much fun with her friends. At some point in the song she sings she cannot her exactly what he is saying and “breaks up” with her. When in actuality she feels as if the line is breaking up and she has no service, considering

the fact that you get no service in club. Next the lyrics of the song mention that the guy should have called earlier to make plans with her. She is exhibiting the fact that she comes in second place to no one and now that he cannot stop calling she is “kind of busy”. Finally she expressing in the lyrics that no matter how many times he calls she is not thinking about him anymore, and all she is going to do is enjoy her time at the club and “I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor”. Next Beyoncé express her matters on saying that no matter how many times you call she is not going to leave the company of her girls. Beyoncé also states the fact that he has called so many times that regrets even bringing her phone along, she eventually says he “calling like a collector”. Beyoncé responds the same way if a collector called anyone and is not going to answer. Surprisingly, in the lyrics Lady Gaga states that she likes him but she is at a party and
“is sick and tired of her phone r­ringing”. Finally Beyoncé comments on how much the ringing of her phone resembles the noise from Grand Central Station, yet she will not pick up the phone is too busy dancing. Now, the video for this song really has nothing to do with the lyrics itself.

In the thematic message the first scene you see a montage of shots around and in the

video. Then we go inside the, jail house with the prisoner, who are mostly dressed in biker outfits. Gaga walks in with two mainly women guards escorting her to her cell, they stripped her out of her clothes roughly in her cell. As they were leaving one of the guards whispered “told you she doesn’t have a dick”, referring to the rumors that Gaga is intersex. In the next scene you see a close up her going out side with the other inmates with cigarettes shades on. In The
Atlantic Article on the music video Telephone it say “Her smoking glasses are a cloudy veil that obstructs her view of reality, allowing her to base her feelings on senses alone, blurring the

genders of the women around her” (The Atlantic). Then you see her in the court yard and engage in a tongue kiss with one of the women inmates while everybody watched watching. Now all the inmates are back in jail hanging around when a fight breaks out “she lives in a world where men make women end up in…