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Breonna Hays
3rd period
"Macbeth," is a tragedy, written by William Shakespeare. In the play, a woman by the name of Lady Macbeth, is the Puppet Master for all acts of inhumane savagery. She heavily persuades her husband, Macbeth, to engage in unnecessary measures of violence to redeem his right for power. She manipulated Macbeth to perform first degree murder, she oversteps her boundaries as a woman, as well as displays cowardly behavior after all the dirt is thrown. If Lady Macbeth had not influenced her husband to act in these behaviors his fate might had been different.

Macbeth was given the impression, by three witches, that he would become a Powerful King. His self-doubt and lack of confidence drives him to be curious as to how legitimate the information could be. However, the news brings him great excitement, with only one dilemma, and that was Duncan, the present King, at time. Macbeth believes the only way to become king is to kill Duncan, but he hesitates because he's not a violent man.

Lady Macbeth observes his hesitation and skepticism, and drives him to kill Duncan by challenging his manhood. Macbeth doesn't want to seem less of a man in his wife's eyes therefore he kills Duncan. Lady Macbeth wants to obtain as much power as possible ,perhaps more than her husband, so she does everything she can to ensure the outcome is in her favor. She has more backbone than her husband does, but due to her position as a woman she isn't able to kill Duncan