Lady Macbeth Persuasive Speech

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The brave Macbeth has risen unimaginably; he is now the King, protector of the realm and the most powerful human being on Earth. Many challenges he faced; yet he came out victorious. I doubt that a single soul denies Macbeth’s capabilities to reign as one of the greatest kings throughout history. I will not lie, he has it all: a witty wife advising him, military experience, and a group of people who support him entirely. Tonight is his coronation banquet; God knows that every noble person will be here to praise their beloved king. My title of nobility gave me absolute access to the coronation. As soon as I heard about it I put together a few men and hopped on my horse to attend the celebration. A few days later I arrived and the vibe at …show more content…
Obviously, it was reserved specifically for him and it was empty. Macbeth’s smile faded off, his face was pallid and he mumbled a few words. Tension grew stronger; clearly every guest exhibited concern about the King. Lady Macbeth intervened and called him aside; still he refused to leave. The northwest winds hit the castle and the curtains fluttered uncontrollably distracting everyone in the room. Lady Macbeth returned from the kitchen and apologized for her husband behavior. In the meanwhile, I commenced a conversation with a few gentlemen,
__ “We ought to be grateful with our new King, hopefully he will back us up entirely. There is no one better than him for this position”, I stated.
__ “Banquo disrespected our king with his absence”, Lennox said.
__ “Banquo is known for his punctuality and commitment, something must have gone wrong”, I answered.

Lady Macbeth interrupted and kindly asked us to vacate the castle, since our king was not feeling healthy; yet she confirmed that he will recover promptly. No soul spoke including myself, but we all felt the same rigidity and anxiety initiated by the recent events. We did not doubt Macbeth’s claim to the throne but something did not feel