Lady: Want and People Essay

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If you are lucky enough you’ve had people in your life who support you through thick and thin and love you no matter what and help you find your meaning in your life. Whether these people are your parents or friends, many people crave a support system in which people help and guide them to find and understand what their meaning is in life. When you do have a reliable and strong support system it helps you find things about yourself to lead a more successful life, and the things a great support system can provide you can’t buy confidence, loyalty and many other things. Also another thing a support system can provide is a place to relive stress and the pent up anger you have in yourself, which leads to avoiding a life of depression and anger which helps lead a positive life. Also another benefit of having a strong support system is accountability, if you think about it if I got a F on this essay I wouldn’t care if my parents weren’t here and I could care less to go to college and pursue a better life if my parents didn’t drill it in my head and told me that every day. In many cases when people don’t receive some type of support or assistance, they lead a life wanting one and lead them to gangs and other negative groups and people. Of course when you join a negative situation, you make negative decisions which lead to negative consequences and that leads to a negative life. Many people also take for granted their support system which like I said many people crave