Fremount Culture-Haunted And Farmed In Western Mexicans: Taquez And Indians

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Quiz one
Fremount Culture- Haunted and farmed in western Colorado between A.D. 650 and 1200. Fremont people left distinct rock art on cliff walls. They also made a unique kind of basket, and they made gray-coiled pottery. Like other groups, they left behind grinding stones, arrow points, and other stone tools.
Anasazi- Lived in Colorado for more then a 1000 years in southwestern Colorado. They were gardening and gather. They Made Mesa Verde’s cliff Palace, which housed 400 people.
Clovis Culture-
Arachaic Indians-

Quiz 2
Zebulon Pike-
Juan Ulibarri-
El Cuaratelejo-
Juan Baustista de Anza-
Dominquez and Escalant-
San Luis-
Pedro de Villasur-
San Carlos-
Cuerno Verde-
Stephan Long-
Quiz 3
Bent’s Fort-
Fort Vasquez-
Ceran St. Vrain
Lancaster Lupton-
John C. Fremont-
William Becknell-
Santa Fe Trail-
Jim Beckwourth-
Kit Carson-
American Fur Company-
Chapter 4
William Gilpin-
William Larimer-
Placer mining-
George Jackson-
Swansea Smelting Process-
John Gregory-
William Green Russell-
Lode Mining-
Elizabeth Byers-
Aunt Clara Brown-
John Evans-
Fort El Pueblo Massacre-
Sand Creek Massacre-
Battle of Beecher Island-
Cheyenne Dog Soldiers-
Black Kettle-
John Chivington-
Battle of Summit Springs
Meeker Massacre-
Quiz 6
Colorado Central Railroad-
Kansas Pacific Railroad-
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe R.R.-
Denver & Rio Grande Railroad-