Lake Arrowhead: A Short Story

Words: 498
Pages: 2

Memories are embedded in our minds and kept in our hearts only to reappear when we feel, see, hear, taste, or smell something familiar. Once the senses are touched, our hearts and minds connect through our mind and those connected memories rush through our hearts and into our conscious being. When one is from somewhere, that connection is part of who we are. Though we may currently be in a completely opposite environment, when any of our senses are connected to a memory, the secured feelings move from dormant to alive.
When I feel the cold against my face, my memories rush. When I feel the cold against my face, I go back to my childhood when I lived in Lake Arrowhead. The snow is quietly falling, the chatica school morning comes to a complete
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My mom in her fuzzy zebra striped pajamas brings me a cup of warm cocoa and quietly announce, “It’s a snow day, no school.” I cuddled deeper in my blankets and watched the snow fall and collect on the pine trees while I sipped the sweetest, warmest cocoa. When I look up to the sky and see the height of the trees, my memories return to the endless trunks of evergreen and pine cones that surrounded my home and the mountain roads. The only horizon that I can see are the steeper mountains that surround my home and the golf course. The sight of trees remind me of the busy squirrels and frantic birds that are securing the warm shelter with pine needles for warmth and food for the day. When I hear the soft purr of my calico cat, my memories go to when my cat was a mama kitty. She had a litter of seven helpless, sightless kittens. I was fortunate enough to raise these kittens up to eight weeks old. The sound of water rushing from a faucet returns me to a bubble filled bath tub, with six week old kittens surrounding the tub and playing with bath bubbles. Around the bathtub, the kittens would follow each other around and paw at the