Lakota Boys Picture Analysis

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The pictures that I am using are the pictures of the three Lakota boys. In all three sets of pictures you can see that dramatic change that was caused by the boarding schools. In the before picture all three boys are dressed in what appears to be traditional native American clothing. They have feathers in their heir and the one in the back has fur draped over his shoulders. The boy siting down on the left looks sad and confused making me think that they were forced to come here by the government. He has is arms crossed in what looks to me like a frightened or scared posture. The boy in the back also as a sad look in his looks like the boy in the back also has some sort of ceremonial head dress draped over his right arm making me think that …show more content…
They have all had their hair cut and have been clothed in what was considered the proper attire for civilized people of the time. All three boys still look sad and have noticeable frons on their faces. The eldest boy is now sitting in a chair as opposed to on the floor. He is not looking in to the camera and has been seated in such a way that he looks “dignified”. He appears to have lost much of what made him unique in the first photo. The middle boy is standing in the back with a sad look on his face. His hair looks like it may have been cut shorter than the other boys. The boy siting on the left does not look as scared as he did in the first photo but instead looks defeated. It is hard to say but it looks like he may be slouched down a little bit. All three of these boys have lost much of their defying characteristics. they have been given similar haircuts, the same clothes, and they even have almost the same look in their eyes. One thing which I did not notice at first is that their faces look plumper in the second photo. Which make me think that they have been eating more and being less