Lamb To The Slaughter Comparison

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''Lamb to Slaughter'' is a disturbing story that has many plot twists. A loving wife turned rogue, a murder, and people eating the evidence – all are in this cheery story. "Lamb to the Slaughter" was written by the famous author Roald Dahl, and the film interpretation was directed by the even more famous director, Alfred Hitchcock. The written version was made 1953, and was closely followed by the film in 1958, because Hitchcock loves creepy stories. This satire has fun little details where Mary, the once loving wife builds up her alibi by cooking, and going to the store before reporting the death of her husband. The story overall is about a women who murders her husband because of a divorce, and gets away with it. The film was actually more detailed than the story, therefore making it more interesting than the piece of writing. In the short story, the characters are all trying to solve the mystery of Patrick's death. (Well, except for Mary, who killed him) In the original piece however, the police officers are much smarter as well as Mary. In the film Mary creates a great alibi by trashing her house and calling her friend to tell they can't go out to dinner, whereas in the story she does none …show more content…
One of the larger changes is that Mary, after killing her husband, trashes her house so it looks like there had been a fight. (In the film) In the story she just pretends that she came home and there he was. Which I mean messing up the house was a rookie mistake! The only fingerprints would have been hers and the room looked its part but the only wound her husband had was a head injury. This was a important change that led the officers to have better guesses, but it wasn't the most realistic The last small difference is that she called her friend to help build up her alibi. That was a part that defiantly improved the film and would have improved the story if it was