Lame: Native Americans in the United States and Old Indians Essay

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Since the time of when the Americans arrived in the United States, the Plains Indians began declining, with nearly nothing they could do about it. Negatively for the Indians, westward movement seemed to be the popular trend, which meant out with the old Indians and in with the new Americans. When technological developments began to occur, while a few inventions were helpful to the Indians, such as guns, majority was not in their favor. One over bearing new invention and spread of the railroad was very detrimental to the Indians. Not only did the tracks for railroads plow through their homes and towns, but also it took away living space for bison and buffalo, one of the main living sources for the Indians. While technological developments went along with industrial developments which placed emphasis on the city, Indian land was still not deserted, or left back for them to use freely. The lives of Indians were almost always at a downward slope in the 19th century.
Unfortunately, as if technological advancement against them wasn’t enough, the government was no help either. Although we were passed the time of the Trail of Tears, and the Indian Removal Act, American Government was not much above the means of them. Acts such as the Homestead Act, allotted the land previously owned by the Indians to white Americans for free in hopes of a prospering Western expansion. Good for the Americans, this was only one more thing against the Indians. Deceitfully, the American government…