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Segmentation and Target Market 1

Segmentation and Target Market
La Monica Austin
Dr. Harry Caldwell

Segmentation and Target Market 2
Segmentation and Target Market Many years ago men ruled the market, not giving women any opportunities to become independent business owners. Women were mainly stay at home mothers while their husbands went out to provide. In the present times there has been many changes. Women are now holding high seats within the working economy, also holding high rank titles. Within the market today there are many successful independent business owners who are woman. Within this paper the writer intends to focus on the segmentation and target market for Avon Company Inc., discussing their demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral characteristics, as well as positioning a statement for the company.
Avon's History Avon was established in 1886 by David H. McConnell, a traveling book salesman. The formulation came after McConnell realized female consumers had little or no interest in buying books but were more interested in the free perfume samples he were offering them. At the same time McConnell also noticed that women were isolated from the world, while their mates were out working they were in the house taking care of the home and children, and only 20% of the women held jobs so he deliberately brought on women to become sales representatives. McConnell believed that females had natural qualities to network with and market to other females, in addition to acquiring a strong liking for the products he offered. During this time there was not many employment opportunities for woman, therefore the Avon income possibility was a winning conception. This was the beginning of the organization's lengthy and affluent history of empowering women throughout the world (Avon's History, 2015).
Avon's target market is aimed for women around the world, ranging from the ages 25-50, and

Segmentation and Target Market 3 income ranges below average. These women can either be single, married with or without children, and may or may not have jobs. Additionally Avon targets a variety of races such as Asian, Black, Hispanic, and Caucasian during the time of implementing exceptional training for their representatives in reference to choosing and utilizing the precise items for women of various ages, cultures, and skin forms (Demographic Segment, 2015). Psychographic Since the beginning of the establishment, the representatives of Avon have made the personalized relationship the focus of their enterprises. Countless number of women have connected at the time of finding the perfect Avon eye shadow color or perfume fragrance. Avon targets the occupied contemporary employed women who does not have time to go buy make-up, therefore Avon Representatives have the obligation of introducing and teaching them the assorted varieties of items that the establishment has to provide and at the same time convince them of the product quality and dependability. Moreover, these woman feel as if they should trust products that genuinely are concerned about their well being. An intimate relationship is established within Avon and these women through the foundations they formulate for their health and welfare (Avon Psychographic Segment, 2015).
Geographic Segment As stated by Avon Company Inc. (2013), Avon is located in different areas throughout the United States including Europe and South America. Avon caters to both urban and rural regions. Avon is a worldwide manufacturing business and marketer of cosmetics and affiliated products. Avon's functions